Attention information workers!

ScriptXL will change the way you work! Regardless of the database you use, ScriptXL can import your data directly into an Excel worksheet or pivot table.

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Attention eFinancePLUS users!

If you use eFinancePLUS or eCommunityPLUS, I have a library of scripts that will work with your database. All the work has been done. Contact me for a demonstration copy of ScriptXL.

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What is ScriptXL?

ScriptXL.dll is an add-in for Microsoft Excel. Once installed, ScriptXL will be available in every workbook you open. It will always be there, ready to get the data you need whenever you need it. It's fast, it's easy to use, and it's 100% safe.

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Watch how easy it is to use ScriptXL.

ScriptXL is so easy to use, anyone in your organization can do it. Use ScriptXL to delegate complex analysis to clerical staff and use your time more efficiently.